DFS Datalytics Strategy Podcast (12/14/16) - “#DataForWinning - Use it or lose it - How to utilize and analyze the data to create successful lineups”

December 14, 2016

In the first of many upcoming DFS strategy podcasts from the DFS Datalytics team, tune in to hear Evan (@BurgsTheWord1) and Chris (@fuzzychris91) discuss how to efficiently and effectively utilize all of the stats, projections, and information available to DFS players to create winning lineups across any sport. Additionally, find out how comprehensive and useful all of the content that DFS Datalytics offers to its subscribers is, for every single DFS sport available, and how each of us uses that to construct our own winnings lineups, and exactly why it's scaleable to any DFS player for all sports!  We also touch briefly on topics such as contest selection, bankroll management, and game theory, all of which will be covered in upcoming pods.



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